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We need your support, PRAYERS AND FINANCIAL
This Mission does fantastic work in a place where there is little else but fear and hopelessness.

Please pray:
· For Tristan as he finishes year 10 in Ballarat Grammar Boarding School in Melbourne
· For Aaron as he waits for his Year 12 Results from PLC College
· For Imogen as he starts her nursing career at Mt. Isa Remote Hospital
· For Kiri who has started a Post Grad Dip in Nutrition at Deakin Uni in Melbourne
· Clare and Paul continues life in Goroka with our children in Australia
· Paul continues to expand his flying in PNG
· For family learning of TOK PISIN (Pidgin, Local PNG Language)
· For our family to continue together in faith despite being scattered geographically
· For our health which has been under attack since being in PNG

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yolŋu People in Brief

The local people, Yolŋu, live in distant small villages called homelands. They hunt for food but also rely on supplies from bigger communities. They are a people full of hopelessness. They have very little to do, uneducated, and poor. Hopelessness manifests itself in high unemployment of 80-90%, drunkenness, gambling, tribal feuds, domestic violence and murder. Additionally, fear of dead spirits dominate their spiritual culture and is an intrinsic part of their ceremony, dance, paintings and other art work. Funerals are huge ritualistic gatherings to appease the dead. Our goal is to introduce them to Jesus, release them from their fear and hopelessness. We use aviation to transport them around which brings them great relief from the flooded and impassable terrain. This brings us into a close trusting relationship from which we preach the Gospel, something no other organization can do.

At weekends when we are not flying, we preach and travel into the homelands to spend time with the Yolŋu. In the week, we disciple Yolŋu in many different ways, including Bible studies. We are pleased to be here, but as always resources are short; both time and money. I could not believe when we first set out how difficult it would prove to raise the funds whilst working out bush. We knew it would to be hard, but the distances involved are huge and a constant barrier to communication. But God has a plan for us and right now we use His time to the best we can.

-          In Him -Paul

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