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This Mission does fantastic work in a place where there is little else but fear and hopelessness.

Please pray:
· For Tristan as he finishes year 10 in Ballarat Grammar Boarding School in Melbourne
· For Aaron as he waits for his Year 12 Results from PLC College
· For Imogen as he starts her nursing career at Mt. Isa Remote Hospital
· For Kiri who has started a Post Grad Dip in Nutrition at Deakin Uni in Melbourne
· Clare and Paul continues life in Goroka with our children in Australia
· Paul continues to expand his flying in PNG
· For family learning of TOK PISIN (Pidgin, Local PNG Language)
· For our family to continue together in faith despite being scattered geographically
· For our health which has been under attack since being in PNG

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Post Cyclone Yasi

Thanks for all your prayers.  We are safe and well now.

We were in a Cyclone Shelter all night as Cyclone Yasi passed by. The worst of the storm passed to the south of us thank goodness. If it got any closer things would be very different; the weather which hit us did quite a bit of tree damage and we are in a tree built up area.

We continue to have no power or internet, three days after the Cyclone. Many traffic lights are not working,  and the mobile phone system was down until yesterday. TV reception only came back on today. The aftermath of any cyclone is lots of rain, in this case 10 times more than during the Cyclone itself, so widespread flooding continues.

One Godly moment was that the Tree Tops Lodge, the MAF retreat, only decided to invest in modifying it's conference room into a Cyclone shelter in early January, just a few weeks before in came into good use.

Immy's School has been evacuated until Monday. We continue without power but hope the school will get some by then.

Surprisingly, most of the worrying about the Cyclone was done by those not in the area. During the storm, everyone seemed calm with lots of laughter and joking times, one of which is the attached photo of Martin Koehler, a PNG pilot friend of mine, entering a makeshift entrance from the shelter to the toilet outside. The Cyclone shelter became a place for social gathering. 

Thanks for all you concern and we thank God for answering our prayers to keep us safe. No loss of life has been reported.

In Him – Paul and Immi, Cairns

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